Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Practical Token of Love

The soft overhead light helps make the basement corner warm and cozy as I sift through boxes of memories. Opening a shoebox I find a couple of letters addressed to me from a young Henry, a postcard, an old flashlight and some batteries. The 1941 postcard is unused with a picture of a lake and a large rustic cabin. On the back of the card is a cheerful description of summer living and golf at the Bonnie Oaks Resort in Vermont. 

I settle down in the old faded brown easy chair  and thought  back to the summer of 1941. That summer  I was  one of the  student nurses at the Vermont  summer camp.  It was to be a reward, a treat, to get out of the humid, stifling city and make some money while using our newly trained nursing skills. 

I open the letter from Henry. In the letter he explains how he sent me a flashlight because he was worried about me in the dark. He then in great detail wrote down how to change the battery and even taped a spare light bulb inside the box it came in. 

Tears sprung to my eyes. I remember when I got this package and how badly I acted. The other girls had already received care packages filled with Cadbury milk chocolate, red and white striped packages of Beechnut gum and packets of Planters peanuts all of which the girls shared. Now it was my turn. I had gotten a package from Henry and the girls gathered around to watch me open it. I was excited to share my treats with them. I tried to hide my embarrassment and disappointment  when I opened the package and found the flashlight. The girls had tried to be polite but the wisecracks were sitting on their lips waiting to be sprung loose. Yet this was my Henry to send me a flashlight. A practical and no nonsense token of love to his city girl in the woods. 


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Todays word is....

LIGHT (noun)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Love at First Sight

His deep brown eyes locked onto mine and my heart clutched with a longing that refuse to let go.

Trembling with a desire so strong I got as close to him as I possibly dared to and whispered softly in his ear that tonight he was going to come home with me.

And with that he wagged his tail, licked my face and we've been together since.


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