Monday, September 10, 2012

Grammy's Football Mania

It's #MenageMonday! A perfect way to start off the week! Thank you Cara Michaels for giving me some inspiration today....

 Grammy came out of the side door sporting her ancient NY Giants cap crushing her white newly permed hair as we pulled up into her driveway.

 “Randy! Charlie! Are you ready to get this football mania started?”

“Sure am Mrs C!”, Charlie exclaimed as he gave my grandmother a bear hug.”This is the only spot in town to watch the game!”

“ Hi Grammy, I leaned in to peck my grandmother a kiss on her soft, wrinkled cheek, her blue eyes twinkling with excitement. 

Charlie set up the soda’s  on the small dining room table leaving room for the hot wings and meatballs.  Bowls of chips and pretzels are already set up on the living room table. The flat screen tv, a Christmas gift from my parents, is already tuned in to the pre-game show. 

As I head back out to the car to grab the potatoes for potato skins I see Grammys  nosy neighbor sitting on her porch watching as her eyes glare at me. “Grammy why didn’t you invite your neighbor? She seems pretty angry out there.”

 “Oh her.  I tried to but she refuses to come. Apparently she’s a Dallas Cowboy fan.”

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